Let's make the world
a better place

Cities have limits. People don’t.

We break rules and make some of our own. We are a team of enthusiastic game changers, quiet geniuses and hands-on revolutionaries eager to take on the world. We are helping India live the dream of buying a home minus the nightmares. We exist to solve problems… and we’ve made more than 18,500 homebuyers really happy!

Our Values


Excellence is not just a word. It’s that restless feeling in the gut. That feeling of wanting more. Wanting to be great.


We don’t work in a company. We are the company! Its face, its soul, its voice. Its flesh and bones. So, let’s embrace it. Make it personal. Make it heart.


Respect yourself. Respect the one sitting next to you. Respect the one not sitting next to you. Respect him. Respect her. Respect. Because till you don’t give it, you won’t get it.


Walls are meant to be broken. Boundaries are meant to be blurred. And we are meant to be all for one and one for all.


We are always looking to improve, to change, to disrupt. Because with change comes unseen possibilities.

Trust & Integrity

We stand by our words. We say what we believe. And we do what we say. So, let’s, talk the talk. And walk the walk.

We don’t work here.
We just follow our passion.

At PropTiger, people blur the distinctions between play, work and creativity every day. At work, we don’t count hours; we are busy attacking challenges. We don’t notice if it is day or night, black or white or blue - if there is a problem to solve, that comes first. Always. We all know we have chosen the road less travelled and that is an out-an-out adventure. And, if you are a Tiger, there is less to fear!