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#RealtyNewsRoundup: New Building Codes for Disabled & Elderly People

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Realty News Roundup is PropGuide’s selection of top stories from the real estate sector.

The new National Building Code (NBC) will have a detailed chapter on making buildings and urban sites “accessible” and “barrier-free” for the elderly and disabled people. The Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment is planning to make accessibility a focus area in the draft code. The National Building Code, 2005, is under review and the draft is likely to be finalised soon. Read more

The Leela Group has signed an agreement with Qatar-based Al Faisal Group to build a five-star hotel near the Taj Mahal in Agra. The project will involve a foreign direct investment of about Rs 500 crore. The agreement was signed between Vivek Nair, chairman of Leela Group, and Sheikh Faisal, chairman of Al Faisal Group, after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s interaction with top business leaders of Qatar. Read more

Navi Mumbai’s civic body has recorded an increase in the amount of taxes collected by the departments of local body tax (LBT) and the property tax in May. The property tax department recovered Rs 98 crore in May, Rs 36 crore more than the amount recovered in the same month last year, while the LBT department recovered Rs 150.18 crore, compared to Rs 94.30 crore the previous year. Read more

Telangana has decided to regularise land parcels under encroachment in Hyderabad. According to Secunderabad’s Estate Office, about 70 acre of vacant land in the district of Hyderabad is encroached by around 800 people. Read more

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November 10 2015

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#RealtyNewsRoundup: DDA To Penalise Buyers For Returning Flats

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May 22 2017

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April 21 2017

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April 17 2017

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March 02 2017

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