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What Do Banks Owe You When Disbursing A Home Loan?

#Budget2017: Affordable Housing To Get Infrastructure Status

After Finance Minister Arun Jaitley presented the Union Budget 2017-18, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the housing sector stood to gain immensely from the new announcements.

February 01 2017

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Is It Just The Papers Banks Check Before Granting You A Loan?

It is not just some specific documents that banks examine before granting you a loan. There are other subtle things, too, that may act as a deal maker or deal breaker.

April 07 2017

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Looking For A Budget House? You Can Bank On EPFO

Retirement fund body EPFO plans to finance low-cost housing for its 50 million subscribers.

March 16 2017

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What Do Banks Try To Gauge From My Bank Account Statement?

Among other documents, banks ask for your account statements before they commit to granting you a home loan. Your bank account statement helps financial institutions understand your monetary position, based on which banks may or may not decide to grant you a loan.

March 02 2017

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Are Home Loan And Mortgage Loan Different?

Home loans have a pre-set nature — it is provided for the purchase of a property. Fund acquired through a mortgage loan, on the other hand, can be used for other purposes, too.

February 21 2017

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5 Things Prospective Home Buyers Must Do

Right when you decide on a timeline within which you would want to become a property owner, you have to start  on many small and big aspects of your life. There are many dos and donts that prospective home buyers have to follow to ensure a smooth property transaction.  

February 17 2017

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An Explainer: Foreclosure

PropGuide simplifies complex real estate jargons for you.

February 15 2017

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Paying Home Loan? This Is What You Should Not Do  

As long as you are in the process of re-paying your home loan, there are certain things you must avoid doing as a responsible borrower.

January 24 2017

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PropGuide simplifies complex real estate jargons for you.

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