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About PropTiger

PropTiger is an independent real estate advisor with a pan-India presence. We possess vast experience and knowledge of real estate in India, and aspire to be your first port of call if you want to buy a residential property in India. Led by a group of dynamic and visionary investors, PropTiger aims to utilize its vast knowledge of the real estate sector to help those looking to buy property in India.

Our Vision

Delivering trustworthy experiences that you cherish for a lifetime.

Our Mission

To be the first choice for our consumers and partners in their journey of discovering, renting, buying, selling and financing a home. We do that with data, design, technology, and above all the passion of our people, while delivering value to our shareholders.

From the CEO

Since its inception in 2011, has been slowly changing the way people buy homes in India. On our website, we democratize information for thousands of home buyers and hold the promise of end to end assistance when they buy homes with us. You would agree that it’s a herculean task to live up to that promise. But over the years, we have consistently done that. This would have been impossible without the talented people who work with us. Four years ago, was a small internet startup in an already crowded market. Today, we outshine the herd for the trust and confidence we inspire in our clients.

Dhruv Agarwala - Chief Executive Officer

Meet the Team


Bhaskar has specialised in setting-up, managing and scaling-up large operations across banking, insurance, BPO/KPO and e-Commerce sectors. He managed the Corporate Initiatives Group at PropTiger, taking care of M&A and strategic initiatives before taking over the role of Chief Business Officer.
Bhaskar Bagchi - Chief Business Officer
Master Executor
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A man of diverse interests, Neeraj is a foodie and a cook, an intrepid traveler, a technophile, a gadget nut, a photographer and a petrol head. Passionate about music, he still plays guitar for his old college band. He firmly believes that real estate investing is a stairway to heaven i.e. financial freedom.
Neeraj Chaturvedi - Chief Marketing Officer
Foodie Soulmate
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An open source enthusiast, Ravi is passionate about building scalable solutions to business problems. His love for data and aptitude for creating a world class team has helped him successfully build a technology stack and teams from scratch in the past. In the word of his peers, “if technology could be eaten, Ravi could have just lived on it!”
Ravi Bhushan - Chief Product & Technology Officer
Tech Evangelist
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Human Resource

Passionate about building and transforming HR, Rohit has a rare acumen for building high-growth companies and interest in how unique and thoughtful people-centric practices interact with employees and stimulate their growth. A new change every day excites Rohit and there cannot be a better place for this than the real estate industry today. At, Rohit is driven by the commitment to turn the HR function into a critical part of the organization.
Rohit Hasteer - Chief Human Resources Officer
Friend, Philosopher and Guide
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With two decades of experience in building businesses, Sunil’s career spans a range of fields like Sales & Marketing, Private Equity, Management Consulting and Business Analysis. He is an active denizen of social media and the Internet and joining officially brings him inside the web-enabled world. Sunil is the author of the book `Return of the Hypotenuse (Poetry in Math and Science)’, published in 2015.
Sunil Mishra - Chief Strategy Officer
The Logical Poet
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Fondly addressed as Kuber, or the God of Wealth, by his peers, Vikas is passionate about the valuations of internet companies. A believer of real businesses and real revenues, Vikas leads the pack with his excellent understanding of Finance. Besides being the biggest consumer of Microsoft Office suite at the company, Vikas is also known for his taste in food and C2H5OH.
Vikas Wadhawan - Chief Financial Officer
The God of Wealth
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