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4 Ways To Save Money For Down Payment

Considering Personal Loan To Make Down-Payment For Property? Read This

Your need for booking a property might be quite pressing, and you may not have much choice in the matter. So, you apply for a personal loan to make the down-payment. Before doing that, you must make yourself aware of certain facts.

June 22 2017

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What Should A Home Loan Borrower Do In Case Of Job Loss?

According to reports, thousands will lose their jobs in India’s information technology sector as it grapples with new challenges. In case of such an unforeseen event, what can you do if you are paying a home loan?

May 29 2017

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How To Make The Most Of Banks’ Interest Rate Cut

Several banks have reduced lending rates to help the government meet its housing-for-all mission. How does their largesse impact you?

May 23 2017

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Not Able To Pay EMIs? Here Are Your Options

Paying off your loan is your legal responsibility and any failure in this regard may land you in trouble. But, what to do if you find yourself in a financial trouble and are not able to pay your home loan EMIs?

May 17 2017

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After SBI, Other Banks Slash Home Loan Interest Rates

Private majors ICICI Bank and HDFC Bank have reduced the interest rate for loans up to Rs 30 lakh to 8.35 per cent.

May 16 2017

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5 Facts About Your Credit Report That You Must Know

Your credit score decides whether a bank will offer you a home loan or not. Here is all you need to know about your credit information report. Also explained is the process to get it quickly.

May 02 2017

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These 3 Assumptions Can Harm Your Credit Score

Prospective borrowers are often seen taking steps that in place of benefiting them actually end up adversely impacting their chances of getting a home loan. What are they?

April 28 2017

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Is It Just The Papers Banks Check Before Granting You A Loan?

It is not just some specific documents that banks examine before granting you a loan. There are other subtle things, too, that may act as a deal maker or deal breaker.

April 07 2017

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Here are week's top stories from the real estate sector.

Here are today’s top stories from the real estate sector.

The Smart City Mission was kicked off in 2015 with an initial funding of Rs 7,000 crore. With the...

East Bengaluru is among the fast-growing micro-markets in the city. While you are here, you may...

The Goods And Services Taxes has clearned a proposal to charge a cess of 15 per cent on luxury cars...

Recently ranked among top 22 tech cities across the world by a London-based real estate advisory...

The Union Cabinet has approved the Noida-Greater Noida Metro Rail project, covering a length of...

The Phase-I of the Namma Metro will be fully operational from June 25. The new line will operate...

A building code is a set of norms that govern construction of buildings by stipulating minimum...

PropGuide simplifies complex real estate jargons for you.

Prime lending rate is the interest rate at which banks lend to its most credit worthy...

Proptiger has released it's quarterly review report on India's real estate sector. Ankur Dhawan,...

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