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Abatement Notice

It is a legal notice served on the owner or occupier/tenant of a property to inform them of the violation of local laws pertaining to maintenance of the property. The notice also indicates actions that are needed to address the violation and notifies them of the consequences in case they fail to take corrective measures.


Unit of measurement of land. One acre is equal  to 4048.32 square meters and 43560 square feet.


 An addition or change in a legal contract.


A person authorized  by the state to conduct real estate transactions.

Alienation Clause

A provision that requires the borrower to pay the balance of the loan amount in a single large instalment after the property is sold or transferred.


A lane behind a row of buildings or between two rows of buildings.


The person who is allotted a property, either by a government authority or by a builder.


Official valuation of a property carried out  by a certified Real Estate appraiser or valuer.


An increase in the value of a property due to changes in market conditions or any other causes over a period of time.

Assessed Valuation

The value that a taxing authority places on real property for the purpose of calculating  the amount of tax on that property.

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