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All You Need To Know About Akrama-Sakrama In Karnataka

All You Need To Know About Akrama-Sakrama In Karnataka

Updated on January 17

The Supreme Court has put on hold the Karnataka government's Akarma-Sakarama Scheme, under which authorities were planning to regularise illigal constructions across the state.


The Karnataka state government has by four months extended the deadline of its Akrama-Sakarama Scheme, under which illegal constructions built in the limits of the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP), 10 municipal corporations, and 260 local municipalities get a chance to regularise their property after paying a penalty. In an affidavit to the Karnataka High Court, the BBMP has submitted that there are over 1.54 lakh illegal properties in Bengaluru.

Akrama Sakrama application forms are available here.

Here is all you need to know about the scheme:

The Akrama-Sakarama Scheme

  • Passed in 2013, the Akrama-Sakrama in Bangalore came into force on March 23, 2015. This scheme is the result of amendments made to several Acts, including the Karnataka Town and Country Act, and is called the Karnataka Town and Country Planning (Regularisation of unauthorised Developments) Rules 2013.
  • The Act provides for enabling regularisation of properties that violate buildings norms, without demolishing them.
  • Akrama-Sakarama scheme is applicable only on the properties built on or before October 19, 2013, and is not applicable to under-construction properties.
  • Akrama-Sakarama scheme provides for one-time regularisation of up to 50 per cent setback and floor space index (FSI) violations in case of residential constructions. In case of commercial buildings, the setback limit is kept at 25 per cent.
  • Under Akrama-Sakarama scheme, illegally formed plots can also be regularised after paying a penalty.

Akrama-Sakarma penalty

If the violation is less than or equal to 25 per cent, the fee for regularisation will be six per cent of the total violated area in accordance with the market value of land. If it is between 25 per cent and 50 per cent, Akrama Sakrama charges a penalty of eight per cent of the total violated area’s market value. If the violation goes beyond 50 per cent, the building would be liable for demolition.

Also, properties encroaching parks or civic amenities in approved layouts will not be regularised under the scheme. Applicant will soon be able to file an online application as the officials are in process of making the process online.

Depending upon the nature of the violations, applicants will have to submit a number of documents for getting their property regularised.

Impact of Akrama-Sakrama scheme on real estate

Many ready-to-move-in flats in Bengaluru lie unsold in the market because of their illegal status. After their regularisation, such properties will command a relatively higher price. This in turn also increases the number of properties available for buying and selling, making property in Bengaluru more affordable.

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