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If you are looking to buy a home and are exploring options, you often get to read about 'world-class' amenities. In their project brochures, developers talk about attractive amenities and facilities, which they usually say are free of cost. We sometimes believe amenities and facilities to be the same, but the two are slightly different.

Going by the dictionary, while an amenity is "a feature that makes a place pleasant, comfortable and easy to live in", a facility is a service that stands for a particular purpose or feature in a project and allows you to do something extra.

By this logic, a swimming pool, gymnasium, Jacuzzi or greenery around a project fall under the category of amenities, while services like a security system, rainwater harvesting, CCTV surveillance and water and power back-up are called facilities.

However, all of these things are there to make the overall living experience better.

Before you zero in on a project, do mark the facilities and amenities your developer is providing for free. Also, see that you are not made to pay for these features in future if these were part of the overall transaction.

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