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In the urban space, most development works are part of an overall plan to develop a particular city or region. On a much larger scale, that applies to countries as well. A planned development is a must for urban spaces to achieve an overall infrastructural progress. Governments and urban planners have to break sweat so that the civic lives of the current and future generations function smoothly.

It is in this context that we define a 'planned area'.

According to the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Bill, 2016, a planned area is “an area designated by a competent authority to be used for future planned developments”. Laws on country and city planning – which are subject to change – will be applicable on such developments, adds the Bill.

The ever-growing slum area across the major cities of the country is an example of how a poor area planning can distort the face of urban spaces. In fact, the prime focus of local authorities in major cities like Mumbai and Delhi is to house their urban poor better by creating planned living space.

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