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How Rent Control Act Hurts Delhi Tenants & Landlords Alike

Real Estate Projects In Dire Need Of A Single-Window Clearance System

The real estate industry players expect the government to introduce a single window clearance system for real estate projects in the Union Budget 2016-17. The move would reduce red tape and projects are less likely to get delayed.

February 23 2016

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India Needs More Foreign Real Estate Developers

Indian real estate industry is unstructured. PropGuide on how greater foreign investment could change this.

June 14 2016

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Washington’s Battle With Building Height Restrictions

Regulations similar to those in Indian cities hinder real estate development in Washington, too.

June 07 2016

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Will Oversupply Of Apartments In NCR Lower Rents?

Rents are falling in Noida. PropGuide on how it will affect the market.

May 27 2016

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How Will Coastal Road Project Change Mumbai Real Estate?

By providing a better connectivity, Mumbai’s Coastal Road project will trigger real estate growth beyond doubt. However, the project may not be the answer to the city’s many other problems.

July 12 2017

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Do Developers Need To Rework Their Strategies?

Real estate purchases are different from all the other big-and-small purchases a common man makes in his lifetime. Understanding this is crucial for real estate developers. This is the basic fact based on which marketing and branding strategies should be planned.

July 06 2017

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How Much Do Indian Metros Spend On Rents, Dates, Holidays and Transport?

Among Indian cities like Delhi, Bengaluru and Mumbai, which one is costlier when it comes to following your lifestyle? Findings from a study by Deutsche Bank in 2017 look interesting.

June 28 2017

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Is Delhi Metro Fare Hike Justified?

From the earlier 15, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation has now cut the fare slabs to six. The move will hit the hardest to those passengers who travel long distance using the Metro network.

May 16 2017

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Here are the week's top news stories from the real estate sector.

Here are the day's top news stories from the real estate sector.

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