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Indian Cities Can Learn Much From How Densities Fall And Rise Within New York

5 Best Urban Planning Practices Indian Cities Can Learn From The West [Infographic]

In every sphere of our lives, we emulate more successful people. Cities should emulate more successful cities. Indian cities have much to learn from prosperous cities of the west

November 04 2015

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Does Poverty Explain India’s Poor Infrastructure?

India is a developing country. However, this does not fully explain why infrastructure in Indian cities is poor.

June 30 2016

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You Think Housing Prices Are Rising? Think Again

Whether you believe it or not, housing has become more affordable today.

June 22 2016

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Do Indian Cities Need To Be More Densely Populated?

Nearly 60 per cent of India’s billionaires live in Mumbai and Delhi. Does this mean that India’s urbanisation is skewed? PropGuide finds out.

March 09 2016

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Why Do Indians Walk To Work?

According to data released by the Registrar General of India, most Indians walk to work. Why is public transport usage low in Indian cities, despite being densely populated?

November 18 2015

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7 Real Estate Lessons Indian Cities Can Learn From Paris

Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Here are 7 real estate lessons Indian cities can learn from Paris.

November 16 2015

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Why Vertical Growth Remains A Towering Concept

Skyscrapers could be used to effectively address issues related to urban sprawl. Here is how.

February 09 2017

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Surat Is World’s Fastest Growing Global City, Says Report

According to a report by Oxford Economics research, significant changes are expected in the world economic order over the next decade and a half. The findings of the report show Gujarat’s Surat will be fastest growing global city in the 2016-2030 period.

January 20 2017

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Here are week's top stories from the real estate sector.

Here are today’s top stories from the real estate sector.

The Smart City Mission was kicked off in 2015 with an initial funding of Rs 7,000 crore. With the...

East Bengaluru is among the fast-growing micro-markets in the city. While you are here, you may...

The Goods And Services Taxes has clearned a proposal to charge a cess of 15 per cent on luxury cars...

Recently ranked among top 22 tech cities across the world by a London-based real estate advisory...

The Phase-I of the Namma Metro will be fully operational from June 25. The new line will operate...

Amaravati is being developed as the new capital city of Andhra Pradesh. Fosters and Partners...

A building code is a set of norms that govern construction of buildings by stipulating minimum...

PropGuide simplifies complex real estate jargons for you.

Prime lending rate is the interest rate at which banks lend to its most credit worthy...

Proptiger has released it's quarterly review report on India's real estate sector. Ankur Dhawan,...

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