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Luxury Has A New Address In Mumbai, Andheri-Goregaon

6 Reasons That Make Mira Road East An Ideal Real Estate Hub

PropGuide analyses the factors influencing the growth of Mira Road as a promising real estate market.

September 14 2016

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Top 5 Developers In Mumbai

PropGuide lists the names of five prominent developers in Mumbai, ranked on the basis of the units sold in the period ranging from January to June 2016.

July 28 2016

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Listing 5 Township Projects In Mumbai

Planning to buy a home in Mumbai? These township projects may interest you.

June 24 2016

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The World's Most Paradoxical Real Estate Market Is In India? [Infographic]

Mumbai, one of the world's densest cities, is now facing a paradox. With the floor space person declining at a fast pace, the Mumbaikars are compelled to dwell in smaller spaces even when they can afford bigger homes. Read how Mumbai fares as compared to other financial hubs across the globe.

August 13 2015

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Why Are India's Rich And Famous Buying Homes In This Business District?

The Bandra-Kurla Complex was developed to ease the pressure on Mumbai's earlier central districts. Though many economists found this a laughable move, the commercial complex has now emerged as the city's central business district. Why?

July 17 2015

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Is Property In Mumbai Overpriced?

In residential property markets, excess inventory can happen because of a change in market psychology, demographic pressures, falling income, rising unemployment or a rise in home prices compared to income.

June 24 2015

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5 Investment Hotspots In Mumbai

Mumbai, the financial capital of India, is not only among the most expensive property markets in the world but also among the fastest growing ones, global surveys show. Now, what could be your best bets in case you are ready to invest? Let us assist you there.

July 28 2017

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Mumbai’s Karjat Emerges As An Affordable Housing Hub

Karjat is a weekend destination in Mumbai that has been witnessing a rise in affordable housing properties. A part of Mumbai Metropolitan City, the locality is well-connected to other parts of the city via road and rail.

July 12 2017

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