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#RealtyNewsRoundup: Centre Relaxes Green Norms For Construction Projects [Video]

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Realty News Roundup is PropGuide’s selection of the day’s top stories from the real estate sector.

With the view to achieving the target of Housing For All by 2022, the Centre has simplified the environmental clearance processes for building projects in the country. The move allows smaller projects to meet environment conditions through a 'self-declaration' process while the bigger projects need not seek prior green approvals before embarking on construction activity.

The Gujarat government has brought an ordinance to regularise as many as 70,000 residential properties built on government land acquired under Urban Land Celling Act, 1976. The 'The Gujarat Validation of Possession of certain Lands of Excess Vacant Land Vested in the State Government (under the Urban Land Ceiling & Regulation Act 1976) Ordinance 2016' will regularise all the properties that face title clearance and are sold through power of attorney.

Quashing the land acquisition proceedings in favour of the Ansals to construct residential colonies at Dudaheda village of Ghaziabad in 2008, the Allahabad high court said that Ghaziabad Development Authority acquired the land to benefit the company. The court said acquiring land in favour of private companies was contrary to the law.

The Kolkata Municipal Corporation has lodged an FIR against a builder for constructing a residential project on a filled-up waterbody. Issuing the stop-work notice at Picnic Garden Road with immediate effect, the civic body alleged the promoter had forged papers at the time of submitting detailed documents for sanction of the building plans. An inquiry has been initiated.

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