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Solar Rooftops Could Help You Cut Down Energy Bills. Know How

Affordable Housing In India Is Based On These Three Parameters

For affordable housing to become truly sustainable in India, as a business model it will have to focus on shorter time cycles and higher volumes with an aim to reach out to the emerging middle class sector. The units will have to optimally sized for efficient use of space, skillfully supported by innovative construction technologies and absolute transparency.

February 02 2017

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Could Township Living Be The Flavour Of Residential Real Estate In 2017?

The need for planned expansion and the demand for housing will continue to be the dominant factor that will drive the development of integrated townships. These projects are gaining attention by the potential homebuyers. 2016 turned out to be a decent year for township projects and it looks promising for the coming year too. These townships are yielding better returns on investments for the investors.

December 27 2016

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Who Is The Ultimate King Of Real Estate?

Consumers, investors and developers play their own role in the property market. They work together to achieve better return on investment.

October 27 2016

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Biggest Reason For The Downfall Of Malls Is Improper Catchment Area, Says Dhiraj Jain Of Mahagun Group

A mixed land use project that includes a mall is destined to have a good catchment area.

October 10 2016

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Now, You Can Ask Your Builder For An Earthquake Warning System

Natural calamities like earthquakes do not give us time to even evacuate. If a quake hits at magnitudes of over 7 and 8, tall buildings can collapse in just few seconds. Indian real estate developers are trying hard with contemporary technologies towards giving a structural stability for the consumers. Terra Techcom Pvt. Ltd. in collaboration with a German based company, Secty Electronics GmBH, brings ‘On site early earthquake warning and security system (On site EWS)’ to alarm people before a major earthquake strikes.

January 04 2017

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Don’t Buy Land, Pool It

Land acquisition is a combative policy arena. To ease the scenario, the government’s initiative to introduce the concept of land pooling will lead to a robust way to create and maintain land title ownership records. This will also regulate the unstable land distribution by bringing uneven land holdings together to create a larger land parcel.

January 03 2017

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All You Need To Know About Indian Construction Industry

Largely, the construction industry can be divided into three segments – real estate, infrastructure, and industrial. The construction industry is making a considerable contribution to the Indian economy and accounts for 8 per cent of India’s GDP. The sector is getting robust with the advancement of technology and development of new townships in untapped corners of the country. 

December 13 2016

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SPR Will Fuel Real Estate Infrastructure In Gurgaon

The development of Southern Peripheral Road will play an important role in creating Gurgaon as the next smart city. The place is away from the city's hustle-bustle, provides with clean air and at the same time it is well connected to Delhi and other central parts of Gurgaon. 

December 08 2016

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