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These Income Segments Can’t Afford Housing At Market Prices

A Small Fraction Of Land Developed Every Year In Indian Cities Is Subject To Market Forces

Real estate is usually traded in the market, but this does not mean that such transactions are fully subject to market forces.

July 14 2016

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Why Building In India Is A Challenge

It may be true that Indian residential projects are no pinnacle of aesthetic achievement. But building anything in India is a challenge in itself.

July 06 2016

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Does Poverty Explain India’s Poor Infrastructure?

India is a developing country. However, this does not fully explain why infrastructure in Indian cities is poor.

June 30 2016

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You Think Housing Prices Are Rising? Think Again

Whether you believe it or not, housing has become more affordable today.

June 22 2016

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High Construction Costs Make Housing Expensive

Largely building height restrictions and other government regulations are seen as a cause of expensive housing but, construction costs also play an important role.

June 08 2016

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India’s Housing Challenge May Be Underestimated

The Indian government plans to build 20 million houses for the poor by 2022. But India’s housing challenges are unique and require a lot of resources to address.

May 03 2016

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Affordable Housing Could Be The Biggest Gainer In 2017

The interest subvention scheme along with the rate cut announced by the country’s top PSU lenders such as the State Bank, PNB and Union Bank, will boost the ‘Housing for All’ scheme and there is a degree of confidence among the market players.

January 06 2017

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Will Higher FAR Be A Burden On Infrastructure In Nagpur

Many argue that raising floor area ratios in Nagpur will increase the stress on infrastructure, leading to road congestion. PropGuide on how this would impact the city.

September 29 2016

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