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Introducing PropTiger's expert property guide exclusively for home buyers, sellers and investors. Next time you have to make a property transaction, please refer to PropGuide for guidance you can trust. Watch this quick video to know more.


Hey guys! We are PropTiger ‘s PropGuide team. We are a repository of all the information you will ever need on real estate. We are changing the way homes are bought and sold in India and you are at the centre of it all. We believe you should be leading the conversation about real estate in India because for us it is you who matters over everything else! Why should credible information not be easily available to you? Why does it have to be a difficult process to own the most pleasurable accomplishment of your life – your home? Why must you allow anyone to dictate how you buy or search for your dream home when access to information is a democratic right in the internet age; when buying the best homes is no more a privilege of the select few? After all, love begins at home and it’s not how hard we look for it… but the amount of happiness we put in the journey towards finding it.. We firmly believe that buying your dream home shouldn’t be a nightmare. We are obsessed with transforming the journey of buying a home into a pleasurable & hassle-free experience. We work with you right from generating options online to finally getting the keys to your home. We do this by empowering you with researched information to make the right choice, providing you a home loan and finally finishing up with the paperwork and processes to get you home. So please leave your questions here and we will answer them as best as we can. Shall we begin?

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